About Marsha

Marsha_HabererMarsha Haberer has been a resident of Hamilton County for 45 years.  She has over 25 years of engagement in philanthropy, fundraising, and community service.

Marsha is married to Ed Haberer. She has two children and seven grandchildren. Marsha is an active, engaged, committed, and connected citizen. Marsha Haberer will fight for “We the People”.

“As a member of the Ohio State Central Committee, I will make sure ordinary citizens have a voice in deciding who represents us.  I will keep you informed on the issues that matter to all Ohioans. I will support candidates whose policies are consistent with Republican principles. Our County, Our State and Our Country need YOU to get involved and inspired!”

About Marsha:

  • Hamilton County Republican Central Committeeman (2010-2014)
  • Liberty Alliance Cincinnati Board member
  • Founder, Women for Liberty Cincinnati

As a member of Women for Liberty, Marsha has been active in educating the public in 2012 elections;

  • Worked at BOE through early voting period
  • Worked on Save Cincinnati Ballot in 2013 mayoral and city council race
  • Spearheaded precinct executive project for Hamilton County, 2014.

Marsha Haberer is a principled conservative Republican. She understands the issues that concern our citizens, such as,

  • A Federal and State government that takes away our choices and controls too much of our lives.
  • Bureaucracies that force us to accept health care “reforms” and education “reforms” that make things worse for everyone instead of better.
  • People who can’t find work – and politicians who have no business experience and don’t understand what it takes to create jobs and prosperity.
  • Crushing debt that makes the future bleak instead of brighter for our children and grandchildren.

On May 6, VOTE for Marsha Haberer for Republican State Central Committee District 7.